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Jose Alejos

World Class Master Horseman and Colt Starter

"Madison is the real deal when it comes to young horse training. 
One of the best I’ve ever seen!!!
The equine industry needs more brave, talented and well educated young horse trainers like her...
I Highly recommend her..."


Joanne Vandenberg


"From someone who has both a horse in training with Madi and is also one of her students... 
The horses get a well rounded education in which Madi exposes them to many different situations. The job is always done with patience and understanding, with the needs of the horse coming first. They end up becoming relaxed, well rounded, confident horses, that enjoy human interactions.

As one of Madi’s students I can also attest to her skill as a coach. 
She is extremely adept at knowing exactly where you need to focus. Fabulous at instilling confidence in the rider, and pushing you at the pace you need, gaining you competence at each step. 

All of this is done in kindness, understanding and relaxation.
Madi teaches horsemanship from the ground up, not just riding, which gains you a fantastic partnership with your horse."


Janine Olsen

Two Willows Equine - Breeder

"Madison does a spectacular job developing young horses.
Her attention to detail and true love of the horse is heartwarming. 
I highly recommend her to others."


Marie MacAuley

TMAC Sport Horses - Breeder

"Our horses here at TMAC thrive and excel with Madison Monkman...she is indeed the “Real Deal”!"

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