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MM Equine's main focus is to provide a safe and relaxed environment for every rider to obtain their ultimate riding goals. This also includes general safety, horse handling, grooming and care principles, lunging skills, stable management and show preparation. Madison always brings technicality to the table as well as motivation to be a softer yet stronger rider, with the goal to maximize the horse's performance.

Group Lessons: $45 per lesson

Private Lessons: $60 per lesson


Lesson Horse Use Fee 1x/wk: $25 per lesson

MM Equine has a few select horses available for lesson use, and  is also available to help riders search for their equine partner through a sale or a lease.



Madison fosters a relationship with the horse that calmly and positively encourages work ethic, intelligence, confidence, and willingness. Madison allows them space to process their responses and builds the intuition to make good decisions. She recognises each horse's personality, as like people, they all have their own way of learning. 

 Full Training: $600/month – 4-6 sessions per week – all inclusive, includes blanketing, holding for the vet and farrier, video updates, and day fees when off site (save $300)

3x/wk Training: $450/month (save $90)

2x/wk Training: $340/month (save $20)

1x/wk Training: $180/month


1 Training Ride + 1 Private Lesson per week: $400/month (save $20)

2 Training Rides + 1 Private Lesson per week: $540/month (save $40)

1 Training Ride + 2 Private Lessons per week: $600/month (save $60)


Individual Training Ride: $45/per


Daily Grain + Blanket Changes: $75/month (*only offered to horses in a private paddock)

Fetching and Holding for Vet/Farrier: $15/per

The MM Equine Sales Program is offered for any horse booked in full training or in a training/lease program. This includes a professional and accurate representation of each horse, professional photography, gathering and editing of sales videos, advertising, organising and performing of try-outs, vet checks, and helping the owners finalize sales. 

contact Madison for further information!

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